Bill Bear's Peloton Bill Bear's Peloton Bill Bear's Peloton Bill Bear's Peloton Bill Bear's Peloton


Meet Bill Bear, the manager of a small group of animal cyclists. Among the peloton you'll find Elly Fant, who is a very strong elephant, but unfortunately too heavy for her bike. Wally Nut, who brings food from the manager's car to the animals up front. King Of the Mountain Maus, Super sprinter Chiita, Chick Ann, they all share life on the road.

Bill Bear's Peloton is a fun, 8 panel booklet for all ages that folds out to reveal a detailed panoramic illustration. All seven cycling animals have their personal strength stats that show how good they can climb and sprint and how much power they have. Offset printed on matte 300grams / m2 stock in three transparent spot colors resulting in seven unique colors in overlaps.

About the illustrator:
Bamse Ontwerpt is the portfolio of Wijtze Valkema (1983). Wijtze works from home in the city of Meppel, the Netherlands, where he lives with his wife and two sons. He sits in front of a magical designing machine all day, switching the gears, hitting the buttons until the image that he has in my mind is showing up on the screen. Besides that machine he also really likes cycling, tents, maps, detectives and tractors.


€ 5,00


  • 8 panel booklet 
  • Offset printed on matte 300gr.